Our Story

Combining our passion for gourmet coffee with our love for our home state of Texas, Alamo Coffee Company strives to honor the gritty, down-to-earth traditions of the Lone Star State through a focused commitment to producing a unique collection of high-quality coffees.

Located in the “Heart of Texas,” our home-grown operation is equipped with the industry’s most innovative roasters and grinders. We back up our equipment with a local team that understands the techniques that produce a higher quality of coffee. And finally, Alamo Coffee’s quality-control standards exceed those of any local coffee producer around. We’re fixin’ to change what you think you know about Texas brews.

At Alamo Coffee, we’re awfully proud to be locally owned and operated and led by a U.S. veteran. We’re guided by a set of standards that include honesty, integrity, hard work, and a level of grit you’ll only find in a Texas-grown company. No matter what we do or who’s got their hands in the mix, you know you can always count on the strength of the Alamo Coffee Company team.

About the Battle of the Alamo

For you non-history buffs out there, you might not understand why we decided to name our roastery “Alamo Coffee Company.” That means it’s time for a little lesson in U.S. History.

The Battle of the Alamo lasted for 13 days at the fort in modern-day San Antonio. Texan soldiers took over the mission in December 1835, but between February 23, 1836, and March 6, 1836, the Mexican army laid siege to the Alamo.

Though the 200 Texan defenders were vastly outnumbered by the Mexican forces, they did not surrender or go down without a fight. And while Texas lost the Alamo and all of its soldiers during that battle, the Alamo became a symbol of bravery, heroism, and strength for Texans to continue fighting for their independence from Mexico.

Today, it remains a symbol of Texas grit, hard work, and determination to fight against oppression and defend one’s independence. As a veteran-run company, we are inspired by our Texas history of fighting for what we want and believe in. That’s why we’re Alamo Coffee Company, and we’ll always be dedicated to the honesty, integrity, hard work, and grit that the Battle of the Alamo represents.

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Locally Owned & Operated


Located in the "Heart of Texas"

Choose from Five Alamo-Inspired Blends

At Alamo Coffee Company, our mission is to ensure that every bag of roasted gourmet coffee is just as fresh and flavorful as the last. We offer five different roasts to accommodate all types of coffee drinkers, whether you enjoy a light, mellow flavor or a strong, full-bodied blend.

San Jacinto: Light Roast

Similar to the one-sided victory of the battle of San Jacinto, Alamo Coffee Company’s light roast coffee beats out its competition by a long shot. The flavor of toasted grains makes for a well-rounded cup and easy sipping.

Brazos: Breakfast Blend

Inspired by the birthplace of Texas, Alamo Coffee’s breakfast blend is one that will give you new life and the determination you need to tackle each and every day. Its full-bodied flavor is just the giddy-up you need to start your day.

San Antonio Mission: Medium Roast

There’s no shame in jumping on the bandwagon of Alamo Coffee’s most popular gourmet coffee roast. The smooth, sweet, balanced flavor echos the abundance of natural resources that San Antonio offered early Spanish colonies.

Gonzales Garrison: Bold Dark Roast

Inspired by the Battle of Gonzales and the famous phrase, “Come and take it!” the Alamo Coffee dark roast coffee delivers the grit you need to overcome any obstacle before you. After all, nothing worth having comes without a fight.

Victory or Death: Espresso

The inspiration for Alamo Coffee Company’s three-bean blend of espresso roast coffee is a reminder to never give up on what you’re fighting for. We believe that the full-bodied, chocolatey, and earthy flavors of this roast are the embodiment of such willpower.

Our Commitment Runs Deep

Find out just how far our commitment to quality really goes by ordering Alamo Coffee Company gourmet coffee blends today. We promise Lone Star excellence with every cup.